Meet Dr. Hudson

Diagnostic radiologist, author, & patient consultant

If you've recently been diagnosed with a medical condition, navigating this new terrain can feel overwhelming. Suddenly, your daily routines are disrupted, plans are postponed, and you're trying to decipher intricate medical terms and procedures.

Questions like, "What do my test results mean?" or “I've been told I need a breast biopsy, but how can I know if I really need it?” whirl in your mind despite endless Google searches.

It's during these pivotal moments that having a seasoned and unbiased guide makes a world of difference. That’s where Dr. Hudson comes in.

Dr. Hudson is trained in radiology, has decades of experience in diagnostic imaging, and is one of the only M.D.s in the country to interpret both mammograms and thermograms.

With his distinctive expertise and no ties to a specific medical group, Dr. Hudson provides entirely unbiased, transparent, and compassionate insights into your diagnosis.

More About Dr. Hudson

Dr. Hudson is a military veteran, renowned author, board-certified radiologist and proud dad of four.

His journey began in traditional medicine but expanded to include mind-body practices after he and his wife assisted a friend through cancer. Though skeptical at first, he embraced these practices after attending training, later becoming a faculty member at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

This unique blend of traditional and mind-body training is why Dr. Hudson sees health and healing as an intricate blend of mind, body, and spirit.

He believes in interacting with you as a whole person, recognizing that medical conditions are often complex, multi-dimensional challenges.

Dr. Hudson's extensive experience in diagnostic imaging, including but not limited to breast cancer, coupled with his mind-body approach, equips him to offer guidance that transcends mere symptoms.

What truly motivates him is the transformation he witnesses in the individuals he works with. His clients often experience a newfound sense of clarity, empowerment, and peace, linked to a deeper spiritual connection.

Navigating the medical world can be a complex maze, but he is committed to guiding people through it with understanding, empathy, and genuine human connection.

Dr. Hudson is proud to have served 11 years in the military as a physician and diagnostic radiologist. Now President of the American College of Clinical Thermology, he’s one of the only M.D.s in the country certified to interpret both mammograms and thermograms.

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David Perlmutter, M.D.

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