Consult with Dr. Hudson

Get clarity on your imaging results, diagnosis, and the medical system.

Book a 60-Minute Consultation Zoom Call

This consult is for you if you’re looking for interpretation and guidance on any type of diagnostic imaging. While Dr. Hudson specializes in breast cancer and other types of cancer – his expertise extends to all areas of diagnostic imaging.

When applicable, you’ll send in your test results to review before the call. During your time together, Dr. Hudson will answer all of your questions and guide you toward a decision that aligns with your unique situation and feels right.

Dr. Hudson doesn't make formal medical recommendations but instead coaches you toward decisions that suit you – without being bound by biases.

Book Dr. Thomas Hudson to Speak at Your Event

Thomas Hudson, M.D. is an educational, entertaining and engaging speaker who is available on a limited basis to deliver presentations on breast cancer treatment, prevention and screening. Please click below to get in touch with him to discuss your event needs.

"After each of our conversations, I felt peace and confidence moving forward with a plan in place. Our discussion covered all of my concerns from the medical side as well as the spiritual aspect. I appreciate his kindness, knowledge and professionalism."

– Melodee V. -

"Nowadays, it's very hard to find doctors that actually want to spend time with their patients and discuss their concerns. Dr. Tom was able to do that for me. He spent over an hour on the phone with me, answering any question I had and dispelling my concerns. He was very patient and understanding and was very thorough in explaining things. This allowed me to make a more confident decision on what the next course of action was for my treatment. I'm grateful."

– Ildiko -

Who I Help

Discover if this support is right for you

Whether you're grappling with a diagnosis, caring for a loved one, or proactively managing your health, Dr. Hudson offers personalized guidance every step of the way.

Explore our specialized support for various needs:

Individuals Diagnosed with Health Conditions

From cancer to other health concerns, get assistance in navigating the complexities of the medical world. Support is provided pre, during, and post-treatment.

Whole-Person Health Advocates

Whether facing a medical diagnosis or simply seeking more certainty and a deeper connection to yourself, you get guidance tailored to you.


If you're caring for individuals with illnesses such as cancer, whether breast or other type of cancer, Dr. Hudson offers tailored support.

Proactive Health Managers

Do you take responsibility for your health, have a holistic mindset, and seek a broader perspective on medicine and life? Learn how to understand and participate actively in your healthcare decisions.

Navigating medical results can be complex, and a clear interpretation is paramount to informed decision-making. If you're ready to live with more certainty and a deeper connection to yourself – speak with Dr. Hudson today.

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