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"Tom Hudson’s Something Deeper is a deeper exploration of the interconnectedness of all things, presenting a compelling argument for the integration of spirituality into our everyday existence. With wisdom and eloquence, Hudson guides readers on a transformative journey, teaching them how to tap into the incredible value and meaning that can be found in even the most mundane moments. This book is not just a thought-provoking read; it's a life-affirming guide for anyone looking to live a more fulfilled and connected life."

David Perlmutter, M.D.

#1 New York Times Bestselling author of Grain Brain

"Journey To Hope"

In "Journey to Hope," Dr. Hudson redefines perceptions of breast cancer by highlighting the profound connections between diet, emotions, and mindset on health. Drawing from his expertise in breast cancer diagnosis, he offers invaluable insights on mammography and prevention in an accessible style, seldom found in medical literature. Beyond being merely informative, this book embodies healing, guiding readers on a transformative path towards hope and resilience.

"Something Deeper"

In "Something Deeper," Dr. Hudson guides readers through a transformative journey, revealing the deeper connections we share with the universe and each other. Through 31 reflective pieces, this work encourages a deeper understanding of life's mysteries and the intertwined nature of the material and spiritual realms. It's an invitation to see the miraculous in everyday moments and embrace a more connected way of living.

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