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The Healing Power of Human Connection

One of my core beliefs I have developed over the years is in the healing power of human connection. I have seen the increasing lack of it as modern medicine has evolved. And I have seen its power firsthand in my work with the Center for Mind Body Medicine.

Dr. Jim Gordon, founder of the Center and one of my early mentors, always told us that, as physicians, “Don’t forget, that you are as much the medicine as whatever medicine you are giving.” And I have seen exactly that play out time and time again – both in my medical career, and in everyday life as well.

Deep listening, compassion, empathy, and kindness bring positive energy into any interaction, but are particularly appreciated when someone is experiencing a health issue, and may be confused, fearful, and facing an uncertain future.

I do my very best to bring all of these into any patient interaction I have, because I know how needed it is, and how much it helps. I try to make human connection, empathy and compassion the basis of everything I do – and hope you will find that reflected, either in my books, my journaling guide, or through a private consultation.

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