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Dr. Hudson's FAQs

What makes you different from a surgeon or clinical physician?

Clinical doctors often lack detailed knowledge of medical imaging, but as a diagnostic radiologist, Dr. Hudson’s primary concern is imaging. You get help understanding the complexities of various medical tests that regular doctors might not know or have time to explain.

Dr. Hudson doesn't make formal medical recommendations but instead coaches you toward decisions that suit you – without being bound by biases.

What types of tests can you interpret?

Dr. Hudson’s unique expertise encompasses both conventional diagnostic imaging and thermograms, an alternative diagnostic test. Although he specializes in breast cancer imaging, his understanding and experience extend to all areas of diagnostic imaging.

No matter the nature of your medical test, whether it's related to cancer or something else, Dr. Hudson is here to help.

Are your services covered by insurance?

As an independent practitioner, Dr. Hudson’s services are not covered by traditional insurance. However, this independence is beneficial because it allows him to provide you with a personalized, attentive experience that is not constrained by insurance limitations.

Dr. Hudson can dedicate unbiased, quality time to supporting your situation. While this may mean an out-of-pocket investment, many clients find the tailored support, peace of mind, and empowerment in their health journey to be invaluable.

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